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That’s a tricky one.  

How does one cannon-ize the forsaken?  

Signed: Pre-☕️

Adults only…
13920 N IH 35
Live Oak, Texas 78233




Tuckers since 1948How about a little pre-SuperBowl, game-day energizer?  Tucker’s Kozy Korner will be adding a memorial component to their already top-notch, eats and treats time in memory of the late, great Maurice White who joined a few other worthy musicians in that heavenly stage in the sky quite recently.  Might want to Uber this trip because they aren’t kidding when they describe their Mimosas as “bottomless”.  RIP Mr. White.

Tuckers_since_1948Good food.  Funky tunes.  Bottomless Mimosas and Bloodys.  Tucker’s has all of that.  Add that “down home” customer friendly and you’ve got a good time.  Happy Sunday!


Dubbed “The Queen of Improvisation”, Victoria Sanabria is now recognized and respected in the artistic and musical world for being “the first winner femme” Troubadours of the prestigious Bacardi Competition. With this feat accomplished at 19 years of age, she has been demonstrated as one of the top improv artists of Puerto Rico.

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