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Soooo, I’ve been a minute or a thousand.  I apologize but the gauntlet has been thrown and I’ve accepted the ASP.Net challenge.  I spent the entire weekend held up in my little home office, mainly debugging.  Stay tuned for tales of the new collaboration widget for musicians and my scalable musician site complete with a MySQL backend that almost looks as good as mine…


Those of you who know my love and adoration for anything and everything vegan may scoff at this post.  I just really like the atmosphere at Zombie’s.  It’s swimming in non-pretentiousness.  I like that.  I like that a lot.


$1.50 Ziegenbock and Lonestar Pints All night
Drink Specials:
$1.00 Jello Shots – $2.00 Zombie and Starfker Shots –
$3.00 Shot Specials
Bar opens 5pm
Come visit Yolie on the bar from 5-9pm
Happy Hour 5 – 8pm / with $1.50 domestics and $2.00 wells
NO COVER / 21 & Up

4202 Thousand Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78217


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.09.30 PM

Oh. My. Goodness.  So, you had a bad week?  Were you just not feelin’ life?  Or maybe it was the total opposite.  You had a great week and want to keep that vibe going?  Doesn’t matter.  Doesn’t even matter.  These guys will find the balance then jam it down your throat until you meekly try to choke out two words…MORE PLEASE!  I’m not even kidding. In the immortal words of Mark Ronson with a sprinkling of Bruno Mars, “Don’t Believe Me Just Watch”.  They don’t play that, though.  They perform for those who like to rock and those who are like-to-rock-curious.  Doesn’t matter.  Expect to be totally impressed.

Apparently I’m this chick for a day.

See this talented artist for more information.  He says it’s for charity.

Malibu Bar And Grill Website

This place looks fun.  The Malibu Shack Grill.  They’re smart.  They got Charlie Bravo for the evening.

Who is Charlie Bravo, you ask?

I might add more later.  Cash is an asset account.  Accounts Payables…a liability.  Studying…gotta keep that GPA up.  Have fun tonight.


Click here for Dead Earth Politics tour dates and event details.

If you have a chance to see that Austin brilliance in the form of a band known as Dead Earth Politics, might I suggest you just say bye-bye to your current ideology of what defines “good” because these mammoths of musical genius are about to stretch those brain stems.  If you’re looking for a four-four, slide and ride Pop groove this evening (which I love as well), you’re, uh, not going to get that.  Just expect to be pleasantly surprised when they break the groove down into that which thou art seeking in the middle of harmonious and disciplined chaos.  Like the eye of the hurricane.  I really don’t have the words that provide a  reason why this band is now one of the chosen few on their way to the GWAR-B-Q being held in Richmond, Virginia.  Just trust that you will leave their show with the memories of a thorough, musical imprinting of great artistry.  See them tonight, Friday August 7th at Bonds 007 Rock Bar.

Click here to visit Dead Earth Politics online.