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From hosting acquisition to implementation: Roughly one business day.

SEO results = over 1000 unique visitors < 24hrs during first iteration of the Spiral Methodology. 

I knew it went Platinum when Rebecca Gonzalez and North Park Lincoln showed up in my ad rotation. They only pop up when there’s a crowd.

Crazy like a fox.

Thanks Mom.   


Go see the day bartender, Mikayla. At some point, I was begging her to make out with my date. They were both into it but at some point, my date became…distracted.

But she’s still smokin’. No lie.
Don’t believe me?

Three weeks.  The Circle 786 was out of commission for three long weeks.  Very glad to see it open again with new Gas-N-Sip smell.

Live Oak at the corner of Toepperwein and Leafy Hollow.  

Please read carefully. The full-sized version is located in the aforementioned title. Use it as a guide this holiday season.

Good Tidings, my friends.

I tried to do a little research about the day before Thanksgiving traditions and only came up with “The day before Thanksgiving has the highest amount of liquor sales.”

To those of you perpetuating that non-myth, taxis and Uber are your friends :-).

You are on my list of gratefuls.  Thank you for reading.

Park located in Live Oak, TX

Come join the fun people in Live Oak for beer, tunes and eats tonight starting at 4:00 PM.  I have already commenced with today’s festivities at Wok On Wheels on Shin Oak.  They are ready to add to the year-long fiesta that we all secretly crave by kicking up the entertainment.  I will be posting more as I find out the details.  Until then, hope to see you at the Shin Dig!

Click here to visit the Live Oak, Tx webpage. 


Albert Garcia

If you are in the mood for a little grown folks music, take a ride to the East Side and don’t miss Albert Garcia’s long-running jam. Santa’s even offers a free fish fry that starts at around 6:00.  Santa and his sons spend a few days out of every week at various fishing spots.  Their professional angling skills feed an entire audience every Sunday.  It is sad they do not ever receive the recognition they deserve for their efforts in philanthropy.  Here’s my kudos.  Swing by there and check the place out.  Expect great blues, excellent drink prices and a fun crowd of sophisticated music lovers.

Click here to visit Santa’s Facebook page.