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Thursday, May 11, 2017 6:00 – 9:00 PM The Dominion Country Club 1 Dominion Drive, San Antonio, TX 78257 Please join The Dominion Country Club in supporting the San Antonio Food Bank by attending Taste of The Dominion, its annual tasting event and silent auction. Tickets are only $35 each and the evening features more than twenty local restaurants sampling their signature dishes, an extensive silent auction, and live music. Tickets available for purchase at Please join us for a lovely evening where the proceeds of the silent auction and ticket sales benefit the San Antonio Food Bank. For more information, contact Michelle Dueñas, Special Events Manager, at or 210-431-8309 .



All systems were GO and a rockin’ good time was had by all. After re-entry, I had a chance to meet up with
some friends, family and fans. Some had seen us dozens of times and others were long time fans but first time concert goers. We got some nice comments about new songs they had never seen in concert and songs we haven’t played in a long time. And of course, the special effects got rave reviews! This looks like it’s going to be a summer to remember for us. See you soon!

~ Gary Pihl

Yeah.  But I’m not.  But I am.  Master’s level database class and stuff.


Hey!  How has 2017 been treating you?  Real life has my full attention and sleep is fleeting as I organize for Web Year Eleven in my business PARADIGM.  I love that word.  It makes more sense than this Texas Winter, I’ll tell you that.  The sun was like, “ohhh don’t you forget, summer is RIGHT around the corner ready to put that heat on your…” you know the rest.

Ok.  I fixed my jacked public calendar automation for the upcoming events that you can view on the left sidebar.  Please check back often to see all of the great events in and around the San Antonio Metroplex.  That’s automated. Doesn’t need sleep.

The San Antonio Food Bank is desperately in need of volunteers.

Jake Castillo Trio because it is Wednesday and Mr. Castillo liked one of my SoundCloud tunes. Yes. That works.

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Merry New Year!

Yes. Original music is alive and well in this little big SAYTOWN.  If you are hoping to clean out your heart cockles with some pleasantly unique frequencies, then Main Street is the place to be.  You will begin traveling on another plane of existence after listening to their vibe.  Really.

Connect with this great group on the web:

The Robert Johnson show with the SA Blue Cats and friends looks particularly interesting…but all live acts are essentially magic.  Let’s list them, shall we?

Wednesday 10/5/2016: The Americans with Marcy Grace

Friday 10/28/2016: The Taking with Down Generation & Remanon

Saturday 11/12/2016: Mickey and the Motorcars with Saints Anlogue

Wednesday 11/16/2016: Rhett Miller (of the The Old 97’s) Acoustic Show.  (That was the band Jennifer Aniston’s character wanted Vince Vaugn’s character to go see when she tried to patch things up in that movie The Break Up.)

Saturday 11/19/2016: The Robert Johnson SA Sessions with Texas Johnny Boy, The Mighty Orq and the SA Blue Cats.

Friday 12/2/2016: The Juantanamos EP Release & Big Labowski Tribute

Friday 12/23/2016: Carolyn Wonderland and Guy Forsyth – A Holiday Roast

Go to Sam’s Burger Joint Online for ticket purchases and more info.

West Kings Highway 
Fridays from 7 – 9 PM

Sancho’s Cantina 
628 Jackson St

Join West Kings Highway every Friday at Sancho’s Cantina for an evening of great music! With frequent musical guests, the line-up is always a delight featuring local legends with the band. Sometimes rocking, sometimes mellow, all-times excellent…more


Rob Bernal will be crooning to da’ goodies at:

441 West Nakoma

The fun starts at 7:00.

Click here to visit Rob Bernal’s website.

Ok…oops…wrong date.  I’m kinda going through an Easter miracle so I’m trying to be professional at the same time. I’ll have to work on my multitasking…

The Spasmatics never disappoint…
They will be at The Bluebonnet Palace in Selma. Like, for shure. 3/26/2106

Recap: Last night at Sherlock’s, Fast Eddie’s and The Mad Marlin.


If anyone EVER tries to tell you that there isn’t any good music in San Antonio, just use your Southern grace to smile politely and nod.  Then go about your day with the knowledge that people just say things for the heck of it.  Last night, I had the GREAT pleasure to be bathed in the soundwaves of excellence in three packed venues.  There are plenty of people who know what the deal is in Say Town and they were out with their game faces on.  Gotta love that SA crowd!  Friendlies everywhere with a smile and a sweet “It’s OK” if you happen to bump into an audience neighbor who is as caught up in the music as you are.

First Stop: Sherlock’s and Play It 4Ward

Lefty's Draft House. 15179 Judson Road, Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78247 Phone: 210-650-5144 E-mail: info@leftysdrafthouse.comIt’s nice to be able to walk into your old stomping grounds and see the people who are still keeping it moving forward.  Gilley (manager extroadinaire) looks like the club has been taking good care of him as he has adopted a style that I can only describe as VERY distinguished.  Manny is still holding down the bar and seems more like a friendly host as he wooshes by with a “HEYYY!  HOW ARE YOU?!” in his tireless quest to complete one of the many many tasks it takes to keep that machine called Sherlock’s moving forward.  It’s people like that that make a successful bar, I always say.  Then the beautiful Misha sees me in what I thought was a great hiding place and gives me one of those bone-crushers of a hug that makes you need to come up for air.  She’s such an exquisite soul.  John H. has that King Midas Touch as he has only chosen the best folks to join him in that magical space called “the stage”.  That man’s been churning out good music since 1993 and hasn’t once dropped that ball.  Austin V. let his hair down, literally and figuratively.  He knows his way around a foundation like few others.  Precise and professional but laid-back enough to tap out the groove on one hand while waving a hello from the other.  Newcomer to the band but obviously not the music, Daniel Elliot, was belting out tunes from behind the keys like a BOSS!  Way to take the reins and just GO, Mr. Elliot!  Then Misha, she’s just goodness wrapped up into human form.  I had to smile as I watched the floor fill up with happy dancers by the fourth tune. I stayed around for the first half of the first set while murmuring an unheard goodbye to the place that still has yet to lose its spark.

Onward:  Fast Eddie’s and DJ Jason B.

fasteddiesNext stop was a packed pool hall off of Bitter’s Rd.  Fast Eddie’s was hosting a pool tourney and the mix-maser of the hour was Jason Brookes, father of local elementary school musical prodigy, Harmony B., San Antonio musician (Driven Zero, Shut Up Jason, Jokester, Make My Day All-Star), owner of 210-Car-Open locksmithing services and accomplished DJ.  I had the rare opportunity to watch him mix some tunes earlier last week and wanted to lend my support and drink in some more of that musical magic.  He had those pool sharks bobbing their heads and wiggling with their cues as he mixed a variety of brand new heavy, hip/hop, hard rock, and new country.  You never know who you are going to see when you’re out.  SA may be the seventh largest city in the nation but it ain’t about to lose that small town feel.  I shouldn’t have been surprised to see Mike McLean and his lovely wife, Dahlia Martinez McLean walk in.  She had a massive fever but still pulled herself into the club to give the DJ his props.  I gave her a hug and one of those mommy head-feels.  Mr. McLean is a degreed musician with that “fancy book lernin'” style.  Just another notch in the “SA has chops” file.  Thanks for the Tuaca!  I’ll call to see if you need help with that load out.

Last Stop on that musical freight train: The Mad Marlin and Charlie Bravo

The Mad Marlin Makes Martinis!This was my first time at The Mad Marlin.  It has one of those split-scene set-ups: DJ in the back of the house and live music in the middle.  The front of the house has a detached patio.  VERY Broadway chic and hats off to the architect who masterminded that setup because it works.  Ahhhh…Charlie Bravo.  Good. Ness.  I picked up some new friends and hugged some familiar souls.  Their secret weapon (Julie Martinez) was stunning, as usual.  Again, that San Antonio small town thing happened again.  Who else was in that audience acting like a civilian but the incredible front-man for Chillfactor, Brandon Safstrom.  Duke Martinez switched out the front to let Mr. Safstrom caress the mike and oh my gosh!  I have never heard a more velvety Maynard in my life!  I need to get out to Chillfactor show PRONTO! They even pulled me onstage for a little RAGE.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Made a few new fans after that one but I told them EMPHATICALLY…”It wasn’t me!  It was the band!”  The band.  They NEVER disappoint!  EVER!  Carl Leon pulled a VAN HALEN SOLO ON FIVE STRINGS!  Yup.  I saw it.  I SAW IT!  He popped that B string (I think.  I was too busy watching him transpose that solo like nothing had happened) and kept going.  DECENT!  Had a great convo with Tim Dugan.  He’s another one…standing back there like anyone can do what he does but creating a rock solid foundation.  Stefan Cadra was on FIRE!  That crowd had him moving in another dimension.  He tore up “Killing In The Name Of” and just let me float along groove without having to pull out any major stops.  I went home on that same cloud 9.  I’m still sitting here, shaking my head in disbelief.  Then The Duke…powerful front with the performance chops to boot.  A heady combination.  Then, this man turns a one of those announcement PAs into an INSTRUMENT!  This is the reason why I warn people before going to the shows.  Expect to leave a changed individual.  They weave a tapestry of something too priceless for definition.

Click here to visit Play It 4Ward online.

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Click here to visit Chillfactor online.

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Click here to visit Fast Eddie’s online.

Click here to visit The Mad Marlin online.

Blue skies and cooler temps mean it’s time to get some of that Vitamin D!  The Hemisphere Coalition is sponsoring A Picnic In The Park.  Tickets are free with the Hemisphere Coalition membership (you can sign up for membership when you get there) or $10 per person.  Click here for ticket info.

Charlie Bravo Photo

Ohhhh yes.  Broadway will be forever changed as the thunder that is Charlie Bravo will create a vibration that will be felt for miles.  Scalding yet accurate beats and melodies will find every crack and crevice and become forever embedded into the fissures.  DO NOT FORGET to keep a watchful eye for their secret weapon named Julie M. and her own band of merry revelers. Expect to leave the Mad Marlin changed yet somehow more content and strangely satisfied.  Have fun, let go and allow these artists of musical stylings do what they do.

Click here to visit The Mad Marlin online.

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