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Apparently I’m this chick for a day.

See this talented artist for more information.  He says it’s for charity.

Malibu Bar And Grill Website

This place looks fun.  The Malibu Shack Grill.  They’re smart.  They got Charlie Bravo for the evening.

Who is Charlie Bravo, you ask?

I might add more later.  Cash is an asset account.  Accounts Payables…a liability.  Studying…gotta keep that GPA up.  Have fun tonight.


Albert Garcia

If you are in the mood for a little grown folks music, take a ride to the East Side and don’t miss Albert Garcia’s long-running jam. Santa’s even offers a free fish fry that starts at around 6:00.  Santa and his sons spend a few days out of every week at various fishing spots.  Their professional angling skills feed an entire audience every Sunday.  It is sad they do not ever receive the recognition they deserve for their efforts in philanthropy.  Here’s my kudos.  Swing by there and check the place out.  Expect great blues, excellent drink prices and a fun crowd of sophisticated music lovers.

Click here to visit Santa’s Facebook page.