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Apparently I’m this chick for a day.

See this talented artist for more information.  He says it’s for charity.

Malibu Bar And Grill Website

This place looks fun.  The Malibu Shack Grill.  They’re smart.  They got Charlie Bravo for the evening.

Who is Charlie Bravo, you ask?

I might add more later.  Cash is an asset account.  Accounts Payables…a liability.  Studying…gotta keep that GPA up.  Have fun tonight.

Get your unique lunch experience at Travis Park Aug. 24th - 28th 2015

Food trucks and San Antonio.  That goes together like bread and butter.  San Antonians are a hard-working group that is always on-the-go but that small town feel will still make you stop and smell that home cookin’.  Get some fragrance therapy while you take in the beautiful Travis Park in the heart of downtown SayTown for lunch sometime before the 28th.  A little summer, some good eats, pleasant company.  That’s a South Texas treasure right there!

Click here to visit the website for Travis Park.

Monday Aug.24th Food Trucks:

Chef Bully and his crew.

“Chef “Bully” is the $10,000 Winner of Spike TV’s Frankenfood Show”

Fun, festival food!

Drake’s Fun Foods provides fun, festival fare.