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Soooo, I’ve been a minute or a thousand.  I apologize but the gauntlet has been thrown and I’ve accepted the ASP.Net challenge.  I spent the entire weekend held up in my little home office, mainly debugging.  Stay tuned for tales of the new collaboration widget for musicians and my scalable musician site complete with a MySQL backend that almost looks as good as mine…


Those of you who know my love and adoration for anything and everything vegan may scoff at this post.  I just really like the atmosphere at Zombie’s.  It’s swimming in non-pretentiousness.  I like that.  I like that a lot.


$1.50 Ziegenbock and Lonestar Pints All night
Drink Specials:
$1.00 Jello Shots – $2.00 Zombie and Starfker Shots –
$3.00 Shot Specials
Bar opens 5pm
Come visit Yolie on the bar from 5-9pm
Happy Hour 5 – 8pm / with $1.50 domestics and $2.00 wells
NO COVER / 21 & Up

4202 Thousand Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78217






Matt Holt and Tommy Johnagin will be on Chuckle Duty tonight at the Laugh Out Loud! Comedy Club.

Click here to visit the Laugh Out Loud! Comedy Club online.





The Leaky Barrel is hosting a New Year’s Party especially for the service industry professionals who put their own party plans on hold so that others could enjoy the celebration. Way to go, Leaky Barrel!


I need to get used to writing that because I’ll probably be using “2015” for the year until March.

The Rampage is at it again as we play host to San Diego.  Dollar drinks to help bring in the New Year and offer a little “hair o’ da dog” for those that may need to detox slow and easy-like.  2015 was an amazing year for me.  Many thanks to all of you who supported my blog last year.  I hope to add a lot more functionality and helpful solutions in 2016.  Thank you and may 2016 bring you great prosperity and good health.

-Barbara Johnson

Click here to visit the San Antonio Rampage webpage.


A stroll along the romantic San Antonio Riverwalk is a fitting end to another year. There is only one more week to bask in the rays of the goodness that is San Antonio and her inhabitants. Go soak up some of that which brings folks in from around the globe.


surrogateimageHow does one function in the wake of loss? Surrogate is at its core a meditation on absence. Small day to day steps into an emptied space, a palpable void. The images and objects created here are small surrogates representing an overwhelming whole.

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