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I need to get used to writing that because I’ll probably be using “2015” for the year until March.

The Rampage is at it again as we play host to San Diego.  Dollar drinks to help bring in the New Year and offer a little “hair o’ da dog” for those that may need to detox slow and easy-like.  2015 was an amazing year for me.  Many thanks to all of you who supported my blog last year.  I hope to add a lot more functionality and helpful solutions in 2016.  Thank you and may 2016 bring you great prosperity and good health.

-Barbara Johnson

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Dubbed “The Queen of Improvisation”, Victoria Sanabria is now recognized and respected in the artistic and musical world for being “the first winner femme” Troubadours of the prestigious Bacardi Competition. With this feat accomplished at 19 years of age, she has been demonstrated as one of the top improv artists of Puerto Rico.

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