That’s a tricky one.  

How does one cannon-ize the forsaken?  

Signed: Pre-β˜•οΈ

😘<>Show her.<>😘

πŸ€”<>Don’t make her wonder.<>πŸ€”

πŸ€—<>Reassure her.<>πŸ€—

✈️ Or take her to a European Getaway Staycay. You know, either or. 🍝

Mother’s Day 

Sunday, May 13th 2018


3920 Harry Wurzbach Rd,
San Antonio, TX 78209
 The lovely entrance to Crumpets Restaurant 

Brunch will be served from 


Click Here to view the Mother’s Day Brunch Menu


Dinner Will be served from 


Click Here to view the Mother’s Day Dinner Menu

It’s been awhile.

Posted: December 13, 2017 in entertainment

I miss you all.

Urth Juice Bar (The Yard @5300 McCollough)

Gotta get back to work.  I hope you made it through the Category 4!  

Smooth out your humpday with some seriously chill tunes at The Martini Club behind North Star Mall.  Grown folks music by some great players…and someone else ;-).

Would you like to know who?

You will have to come out and see.  I’m not tellin’.

Need a job?  Drive for Uber Eats!  Use my invite code:

The Jake Castillo Trio is in full-swing at Rocky’s Tavern!  Someone say “hi” to Alicia for me.  She’s an amazing mixologist and “tend-er of bars”.  Expect great music and great service.  

Time: 6 – 10PM

Location: 11403 O’Conner Rd 78233

(Via KENS 5)


Three weeks.  The Circle 786 was out of commission for three long weeks.  Very glad to see it open again with new Gas-N-Sip smell.

Live Oak at the corner of Toepperwein and Leafy Hollow.  


Posted: June 27, 2017 in entertainment

Just so beautiful and sparkly after a fine Hollerin’-Chick-Creek-filler-upper of the shine and buff of a storm that came a’callin’.