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Not really sure if this is ongoing or was just offered as hair o’ da dog for Independence Day revelers. 

The Second Coming

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Ahhh. The Good Life!

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My littlest saved my life once. She proved death could be thwarted and showed great courage. 

Then, she took me to the Harley Davidson store off of the Thousand Oaks turnaround and showed me my style upgrade.

Thank you, Harmony.

Hello Monday!!!

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I am JUST NOW crawling out of the muck of my last smudge.  It was a pretty intense, very malevolent energy.🕯💴☠🛡🔮🏺

I will need to build a site that inserts the happiness quotient into a top-down method rather than an object-oriented style to achieve balance and clarity. 

I am going to call it “Love Spell”. 

I can’t wait to share it with all of you who wish to achieve that Nirvana, too! Expect changes to my main site as I hit Web Year 12.

***Smudge #2 Completed. Trojan Horse dismantled.***


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Navy blue. Hero.

Tips my digits so brightly

Shield and protector.

#museflowering #haiku #moonspellsmoon
*Turned Out To Be A Jerk

I’m totally not lying but a guy who was attractive in his own right completely forgot his name when he spoke to the statuesque hottie on the register. I saw it and even commented on the event for clarity since most believe my vision to be blurred at times.

He was lovin’ it.

Management was a little slow but it seems like they are giving management positions around here in an affirmative action method that may not be conducive to efficiency. Luckily for them, the overworked beauty at the register kept me completely enthralled, as well.

Not in a gay way. I’ve always admired feminine ‘glamouring’. She was a natural.

Hope you got laid yesterday. It’s always fun to see the Sagittarius makings of the love spell holiday. Great people because they were made that way out of good ól fashioned lust!🤘🏾

I treated myself to something Northern Italy would be jealous of…

Good times. 

I saw this written on Craigslist and had to share! This is exactly what is happening here. 

This has to stop.