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I’ve been busy making music.  

Woodshedding.  It comes to me in my life like I’m with child.  The symptoms can be  horrifyingly similar and I have to find a way to “birth” my music.  The process from itch to song is usually a few months. Now, I have brand new twins!  They’re in my phone and on my FB page.  I’m like one of those breastfeeding moms looking for attention.  Had to post my mutant children of a different frequency ASAP.  Go enjoy them.  There is no better vibration than analog human music.  Go get you some of that goodness.

Speaking of that,  thanks to my real followers!  Not one “like” but I go out and people know more about my life than me! 

Speaking of going out,

Had the great pleasure to stumble on a Rockstar Reunion.  Note: I was not counting myself as one of said rockstars, geez.  I can’t drop names because (Jeff Doyle), I might not remember all of them (Randy), then people get mad (Batman), and start thinking I’m all stuck up (Wayne Cain), (Val), (Carol), (Maria), (Gerardo), (that tall guy playing pool), (Byron…)

…and you know how sensitive I am.  Wouldn’t want anyone thinking that somehow the world would crumble if I thought I was stuck up.  Because that just isn’t so.  

I prefer the term “accomplished”.

Judas Priestex.  The ones to watch.

Photo by Barbara Johnson (Judas PriesTex)

That’s Carol on vocals.  

Monster voice.  Great stage presence!  I had to shake her hand.  She didn’t seem pleased.  I didn’t care.  Y’all know me.  FYI: MOST TO ALL lead singers hate me.  Most people in general hate me.  Well, not guys. Well, until they try to cross me…digression.

They know the competition even when I’m off of the stage game for a minute.  Recon…

So, yeah, I was an assistant Bouncer for a few while Batman took care of trouble in the parking lot.  I was carding the honeys, bust in’ a few heads inside.  Totally in my element, dude.  People saw.  PEOPLE SAW!  

Hard at work, President Trump.  Happy to be a cog in that wheel.

Speaking of being a slacker blogger…

I promise to work harder.  Promise.  Still need to tackle some projects on the Homefront that may keep me ocupado but I PROMISE to post more often.

Ms. Bliss will be at Boozehounds next Saturday.  She needs no formal introduction.

But then, neither do I.

Free Law Advice in 2/25/17
Go to for more info.

Beauty AND brains.  This Florida native is already making waves in our big little Say Town.  Tune in to KENS 5 to check her out.

Revisit your early metal days by joining a few (or more) fans at one of these fine cinemas February 7th and 8th, 2017.
Alamo Quarry Stadium 14

Cinemark McCreless Market

Live Oak Stadium 18 & RPX

Northwoods 14

Regal Huebner Oaks Stadium 14 & RPX

Santikos Embassy 14

Santikos Mayan Palace 14

Santikos Palladium – IMAX -San Antonio

Santikos Rialto

Santikos Silverado 16 San Antonio

Yeah.  But I’m not.  But I am.  Master’s level database class and stuff.


Hey!  How has 2017 been treating you?  Real life has my full attention and sleep is fleeting as I organize for Web Year Eleven in my business PARADIGM.  I love that word.  It makes more sense than this Texas Winter, I’ll tell you that.  The sun was like, “ohhh don’t you forget, summer is RIGHT around the corner ready to put that heat on your…” you know the rest.

Ok.  I fixed my jacked public calendar automation for the upcoming events that you can view on the left sidebar.  Please check back often to see all of the great events in and around the San Antonio Metroplex.  That’s automated. Doesn’t need sleep.

The San Antonio Food Bank is desperately in need of volunteers.

Jake Castillo Trio because it is Wednesday and Mr. Castillo liked one of my SoundCloud tunes. Yes. That works.

Click here if the above link does not work.

Merry New Year!

Happy New Year!

Posted: December 31, 2016 in entertainment

As 2016 rapidly comes to a close, I am reminded of doorways and their very distinctive transitional properties.  

Thank you for following. I wish each and every one of my viewers:

  • Great Blessings Beyond The Norm
  • Excellent Health
  • Phenomenal Success

Have a very, merry New Year!


P.S. Downtown San Antonio is incredible right now.  

Nunes vs. Mousey

Posted: December 30, 2016 in entertainment

Cmon. The chick (Mousey) bit it hard last year.  She’s now going around missing her mark in bar fights and calling her daddy to come help her.

Whatever.  Look at Nunes in this belt!

Sorry Mr. President Elect.  Gotta go down south with this one after seeing the flaws in the other one.  Yes, for real life, we are allowed but a bleach job don’t fix wrong.

Good. Lord.

I am trying to steer you.

Into the feel good places

Human made.  Friendly faces.

I know so many good souls.

SAYTOWN. Come feel da’ love.

That’s all I asked!
Just pay your talent.  It’s that simple.  Original music is the lifeblood of a township.  Think about Seattle.  Did Nirvana come to mind? Incubus? Thinking of Atlanta or do you immediately go P-Funk…

Where: Fitzgerald‘s 
When: Wednesday, December 21st, 2016
Address: 437 McCarty Rd #101, San Antonio, TX 78216