Picture of Barbara Johnson

Hi. I’m Barbara.

Hi.  My name is Barbara Johnson.  I was a musician in a past life who saw a very finite end to my career so I made a transition into technology before I completely imploded.  Where To Go 210 was just a site stuck in a staging environment until I was urged by my brother to move forward with my idea. I have several other software programs that I have developed (offline because other software developers like to lie about their own backgrounds and steal code) along with numerous web pages.  Please visit my main site to learn more about the IT services that I provide or check out my interactive programming site which is somewhat outdated but shows my history as a prolific programmer.  Please check back often to see updates to the page and learn where to visit in the beautiful San Antonio area as well as the surrounding communities. -Barbara J.

“Prospect Ratio Calculator”

-by Barbara Johnson

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